Shelf Rack Roll Forming Machine, Storage Rack Forming Machine

Shelf Rack Roll Forming Machine

  • Rack Roll Forming MachineThe rack roll forming machine, namely shelf storage rack roll forming machine, mainly can be divided into column forming machine and crossbeam forming machine. The main components of rack roll forming machine include decoiler, feeder, punching machine, roll former, cutter, hydraulic pump station, product table, and control cabinet, etc...
  • Upright Roll Forming MachineUpright roll forming machine, namely rack upright roll forming machine, are provided in integrated full line, including NC feeder, power press, punching tools, flying cut-off and run-out table. Upright roll forming machine is mainly constituted of leveling machine and punching mould. It has a good operation performance...

Built up with de-coiling (mainly consists of un-coiler and its base), gearing rigging, roll stand, pressure system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, control system, product supporter, etc, the shelf rack roll forming machines are widely applied in factories, stores, hotel and other fields. Our storage rack forming machines are manufactured in accordance with the standards of CE and ISO9001 Authentication.

Subclass Product Categories:
1.Rack Roll Forming Machine;
2.Upright Roll Forming Machine.

1.    Adopting integrity processing technology, we weld shelf rack roll forming machines in formed steel construction;
2.    Shelf rack roll forming machine possesses good properties of rational and beautiful structure, strong carrying ability, easy operation as well as stable and reliable performance;
3.    It can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ particular requirements.

Operation and Maintenance:
1.Shelf rack forming machines should be handled according to the operation manual;
2.They should have regular overhauls.

Packaging and Transportation:
Shelf rack roll forming machines are transported by sea shipping in container and nude packing.

Jiangyin Dingbo Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of roll forming machines in China. As an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Control System certified company, our company provides customers with superior machines, excellent services and reasonable price. Our storage rack forming machines can be provided to customers around the world, including India, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Brail, Zambia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and some other countries and areas.