Sandwich Panel Production Line,Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

  • EPS Sandwich Roll Forming MachineEPS sandwich panel machine is short for expandable polystyrene sandwich panel machine. This EPS sandwich roll forming machine is also known as EPS sandwich panel producing line. EPS sandwich panel machine produces not only corrugated sandwich panels, but also simple corrugated sheets sandwich panels...
  • PU Sandwich Roll Forming MachinePU sandwich panel line is suitable for making polyurethane panel with aluminum sheet.0.26~0.40mm. This PU production line mainly consists of un-coiler, leveling device, main forming machine, PU foaming machine, adjusting device, punching device, PLC control system, etc. PU sandwich roll forming machine has a good operation performance. Our PU sandwich panel machine integrates advanced chemical, mechanical and hydraulic technologies. In order to satisfy various customer requirements...

The sandwich panel roll forming machine is a special equipment for processing colored steel sandwich panel. The speed of our sandwich panel production line can be adjusted by frequency converter. And this roller former can process one sandwich panel at a time. Sandwich compound panel is a new kind of green-color building material. The panel is formed through heating, compound, rolling, grooving, finishing, and air-powered, automatic cutting. It is widely used on wall panel, partition pane, garage door, cold storage door, duct panels and the roof building of the industrial factory and so on. It is also used in the overseas civil house construction.

Features of Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine:
1. Adopting advanced technology, the sandwich panel production line combines air, electricity and machine into one. The main components include: a decoiler, molding core, and compound part, which can finish knocking the groove, implant glue.
2. Applying computer control stepless speed regulation, this roller former is smooth in running and easy in operation.
3. Time is showed on the touch screen. Counting and revising are done automatically.
4. Sandwich panel roll forming machine possesses a high efficiency and competitive price.

Applications of Sandwich Panel Production Line:
This machine is widely used in the roof and wall factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, gymnasium, civil construction, stadium, cold storage, etc.

Categories of Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine:
EPS Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine
PU Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

Certificates: CE, ISO9001