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10 ton hydraulic decoiler

10 ton hydraulic decoiler
hydraulic decoiler

The hydraulic decoiler is the professional equipment to level steel plate. For uneven plate, the decoiler can form the production line of decoiling, leveling, and shearing. The whole processing is according to relevant equipment and other production lines of plate productions. There are 5 ton and 10 ton hydraulic decoiler for option. The decoiler with max capacity 10 ton is mainly composed of deceleration motor, hydraulic pump station motor and feeding rack mandrel. It is easy to operate, and enjoys stable performance and long service life.

Operation and Notices:
Please do not overload material. And when the 10 ton hydraulic decoiler is running, workers are forbidden to stand by it. Also please do lubrication for rotation bearings and motor per shift.


Deceleration motor YCJ160-S, 23 (7.5kw-4 c380v-50H)
Motor for hydraulic station 4kw (380v 50H)
Hydraulic pressure 16Mpa
Coil I.D Min: 470mm; Max: 560mm
Coil O.D. Max: 1300mm
Coil width Max: 1250mm
Coil weight Max: 10 tons
Dimension of 10 ton hydraulic decoiler 2850ⅹ1500ⅹ1700 (LⅹWⅹH)
Total weight approx 4 tons
Frequency converter 7.5kw (380v 50H) speed regulation

Packaging and Transportation:
Hydraulic decoiler with max capacity 10 T should adopt bare seaworthy packing.

We strictly control the whole manufacturing process of hydraulic decoiler. We conduct several inspections from raw material to the final product. Before the products are packaged for delivery, each cold roll forming machine undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection and operational testing;

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