EPS Sandwich Panel Machine, EPS Sandwich Roll Forming Machine

EPS Sandwich Roll Forming Machine

EPS sandwich panel machine is short for expandable polystyrene sandwich panel machine. This EPS sandwich roll forming machine is also known as EPS sandwich panel producing line. EPS sandwich panel machine produces not only corrugated sandwich panels, but also simple corrugated sheets sandwich panels.
Our sandwich panel machine specific for the productions of new building materials-- metallic sandwich board.

With excellent heat preservation, light weight, water proof, decorative and load bearing the panel machine can be used in public buildings such as industrial workshops, large warehouses, roof with great span and simply built houses and also for the decoration of various cold storage, clean room and airport conditioning room, etc.

Operation and Notices:
EPS sandwich panel producing line mainly consists of a roll forming machine and a sandwich panel laminating system. This EPS sandwich roll forming machine should be used according to the operation manual. And please don't have an improper operation. What’s more, this kind EPS sandwich panel machine needs a regular overhaul.


1. Power supply 380v/50-60Hz
2. Raw material width 1000+2mm or 1200+5mm.
3.Thickness of the EPS sandwich panel producing line 50-250mm
4. Output 600,000m2 per year.
5. Size of the EPS sandwich roll forming machine 42000mm×3600mm ×3300mm (Length ×Width ×Height)
6.Total weight of the EPS sandwich panel producing line about 25000kg
7.Controlling system  PLC
8.Total power (including heating) about 40kw
9.Working speed 1000~4000mm/min

Packaging and Transportation:
EPS sandwich panel machine should adopt nude package and sea transportation.

We strictly control the whole manufacturing process of EPS sandwich panel machines. We conduct several inspections from raw material to the final product. Before the products are packaged for delivery, each cold roll forming machine undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection and operational testing;

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